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 Kintara Uchiha

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Kintara Uchiha
Kintara Uchiha

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PostSubject: Kintara Uchiha   Kintara Uchiha Icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2008 6:39 pm

For those of you who don't understand, or just want to know about me,
read this!:

Name:Kintara Uchiha

Clan?: Uchihas!!

Age: 14

Looks: Long black hair in a high ponytail, bangs in her face [kinda like Itachi's], black eyes, and "old man" lines. Like Itachi's and his fathers.

Rank: Jonin. [Hokage on here, Jonin in roleplay please...]

Jutsu[Opt]: Fire, and Sharingan. [See story]

Village: Konohagakure.

Story: Kintara was of a family that was a bit lower in the Uchiha clan than others. Her parents were very loyal to the clan and did everything the head branch told them to. Even if it put them in extreme danger. Kintara didn't feel the same way. She resented the clan for making her parents and herself work soo hard. One day her father was sent on a very dangerous mission for the clan to find out secret information about the village. He was to loyal to back down so he went, but got caught and was killed on the spot. Her mother, who was very attached to her father, finally broke down, and killed herself 3 weeks later. Which left Kintara alone. She was forced to move in with her aunt and uncle, who were even lower in the clan than she was. They trained the crap out of her and anytime she brought home a bad grade or failed a test or something she would be punished. One day, Kintara couldn't take it any longer. She gathered a few things and ran away from home. On her way she ran into her third cousin Itachi Uchiha. He asked her, where she was going, and she started crying and told him the whole story. He told her that he agreed, it was rediculous what they were making her and her family go through. He agreed to help her escape, and 2 days later she went to live with her mother's mother in the Mist Village. She was, like, 6 then. She trained in the mist village, but she couldn't stand it very long. It was too wet to practice fire jutsus. So she finally decided to come back 4 years later. She disguised herself as a blond girl, by the name of Kintara Hunaygo, for a while. [since if they knew she was an Uchiha they'd flip] She finished her fire jutsu training finally a week before her eleventh birthday. She went back to the Mist Village and met up with her former best friend, Maggie Uhari, and they hung out for a while and stuffs. One day Kintara challenged her to a spar, where Kintara killed her. Wow she's mean... anyway. She wanted to train her sharingan, so her grandmother told her to find Itachi, the only living person with Mangekyou. She researched him and found out he was in an organization called the Akatsuki, which you know about them obviously. XD Anyway, she went to find him, but she couldn't... so she gave up and went back to the Leaf Village, undisguised, and ready to take whatever came her way. [Sorry its long...I wrote it a while ago. x3]

Nindo[Opt, but fun!]: *Can't think of one yet!*

So that's about how ya do it, mm-kay?
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Kintara Uchiha
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