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A place to roleplay alternate Naruto stories. It will be fun! Just trust me, and go read the info about it!
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 Rules!!! *Read!*

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Rules!!! *Read!* Empty
PostSubject: Rules!!! *Read!*   Rules!!! *Read!* Icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2008 5:51 pm

Here's my rules and warnings:


1.] Never be racist! I hate it!

2.] Try to keep the swearing on a down low...I don't care, just don't be like, "Fxck this shxt that bxtch fxck fxck fxck fxck" mmm-kay? :]

3.] Don't disrespect me or anyone else I say is important!

4.] I'm a noob okay? ><

5.] Try to be respectful of other peoples charries.

6.] No killing with out permission!

7.] As for stories, you can't just make Naruto not exist or something... its just dumb ...and won't get approved so don't even try. e_e

8.] Don't argue with me! If I don't want to approve you I won't! If you argue, I'll just ban you!


1.] If you break the rules I'll ban you.

2.] I have the right to ban you!

3.] That's about it that I can think of for now... XP

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Rules!!! *Read!*
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