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A place to roleplay alternate Naruto stories. It will be fun! Just trust me, and go read the info about it!
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 *Important* Site Information!

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Kintara Uchiha
Kintara Uchiha

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*Important* Site Information! Empty
PostSubject: *Important* Site Information!   *Important* Site Information! Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 11:07 pm

Hello people!
My name is Kintara [some of you probably know me....most of you...x3].
Anyway, welcome too my site!
May allll your dreams come true...
I mean,
Welcome to Naruto Remixed!
Let me explain:

So, I know that all of you have found things in Naruto that you'd like to have gone different right? Perhaps, you didn't want Sasuke to go to Orochimaru, or even small things, like maybe you didn't want Rock Lee to get the surgery.

Have you ever thought of roleplaying what you DID want to happen?
It might sound confusing now, but it should become a very fun experience....
as long as you follow the rules...
anyway that's another part...
Let me continue explain to you what you should do to get started;

First Of All, create a profile for your character. I'll post a form for both made-up characters and actual Naruto characters [two different ones] for you to fill out. [I'll explain more in-depth there]

For your stories, I'd like you to post it in the dedicated section [I'll explain how to do it there]. Once you post it, if I believe it is reasonable and would make for a good roleplaying story, I will approve the story.

Once I approve it, I will make you your own roleplay section.
It will have your story in it and areas for you to roleplay in it.
You can request places like, places in Konoha or whatever, in it and I'll put them in as long as they are not stripper club is unacceptable... e_e

After that is done, you and other people on here can roleplay with your story.
It'll be fun.

Still confused?
I will be posting an example for us to start out with.
[Yes it has to do with Uchihas. x3]

Thanks for reading it all, and I hope you have fuunn!
♥-Kintara. :]
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*Important* Site Information!
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